​​Peter Touchard - Constellations and Transformational NLP

About Peter


I've always been curious about the human experience, of being a living being interacting with other living beings. Curiosity has served me well, and I've had a great time exploring the world through travel, learning about shamanic traditions, participating in the Burning Man festival, and experiencing the magic of Marin NLP. Before that, I worked in Operations for a mid sized family company, and learned much about the world of business, management, and family systems.

I've lived in San Francisco, CA since 2008, and consider it my home.

I'm a certified Master NLP Practitioner, with more than 400 hours of training.  The tools of NLP, as taught by NLPMarin, are some of the best I've ever seen for allowing quick, easeful change in a persons experience of life.  Shifting behaviors that no longer serve us, adopting beliefs that enrich our life, and shifting those that don't.  It's amazing stuff, truly.