What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?  

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a modality for artfully changing behaviors and old patterns, while improving our overall experiences of life, NOW.  We do this by working with our unconscious self, respectfully and with compassion.  NLP allows us to experience lasting change in our lives – without having to remember to act differently!

A passion of mine is helping people uncover the gifts that they are here to share with the world! NLP is an immensely useful way to move into a better relationship with our inner experience of life, and to reclaim parts of our self that we have had difficulty acknowledging.  As we clear, heal and bring those parts into light, we reclaim more of our consciousness for ourselves in the present.  It becomes much easier to see what we're here to do!

Change, for good.

Because NLP works a lot with the unconscious mind, all of the changes made in through NLP work are automated by our mind.  You don't have to remember to feel or act differently, or to try and force yourself to change.  Real change, respect and understanding at that deeper level allows the brain to do what it does best: learn.  By shifting stuck parts of ourselves and our experience of the past, we allow learning to continue naturally and for our unconscious mind to find its best way to create the experience we want

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​​Peter Touchard - Constellations and Transformational NLP